{The Festival of Quilts 2014}

This year I went with my friends – Stina, Karin and Lilian to Birmingham and visit the Festival of Quilts 2014 :-)
Wow – we had seen lots of beautiful quilts, eat delicious food, laugh much and meeting lots of nice people and of course we had shopping fabrics too….

Day 1 – We went from Luleå airport to Gatwick airport in England and then we took a bus to Birmingham. This trip took us about 13 hour from home to our hotel..

Birmingham_1When we arrived Stina call her friend Shirley who also stay at out hotel :-) For Karin, Lilian and I it was the first time we meet her even for Stina but they had email  for a long time..

Nice to meet you, Shirley

Birmingham_3Next day we went to the Festival of Quilt by train and there it was lots of women but also a few men too ;-)


We ended the day by eating at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant – Jamie’s Italian :-)
The food taste delicious and we had lots of fun this night..

Birmingham_4Birmingham_5And Birmingham by night..

See you another day with more photos from my trip..

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